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mixandmatch100 is a biweekly challenge drabble community focusing on Hogwarts interhouse relationships of all natures within the world of Harry Potter. A prompt/challenge will be posted every other week and will last for two weeks.


  • A drabble should be 100 words exactly, though multiple drabbles (100x3) and imperfect drabbles (200, 300 etc.) are fine. Drawbles are also welcome.

  • Posts should relate to/involve at least two members from different houses in one manner or another. These characters can be from any generation. OCs are allowed as well.

  • Any prompt can be answered, no matter the week.

  • You may answer a prompt more than once.

  • To be able to post you must be a member.

  • All entries must be under lj-cut.

  • Gen, het and slash are welcome.

Please put the following before the cut:

Please check for grammar and spelling before posting.

Happy Posting!

Rules have been drawn from hp_nextgen100 and slytherin100.
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